Monday, May 20, 2013

vince camuto "ellen", j crew fitting room, and anthropologie find

I've searched high and low on the perfect pair of ballet flats that I can wear on a daily basis, for both work and play. I'm definitely not one to wear high heels too often (only for weddings, formal events, going out...). My requirements are that it has to be comfortable, it has to not look awkward on my wide feet, and of course classic/plain design. At certain point I almost gave in and jumped on the wagon to get those Tory Burch Reva Flats but held back because of mixed reviews on the comfort of those shoes, and because of the price (even during Bloomingdale's/Saks' F&F sale and TB's 20% off sale I just cannot justify the price); also, the ginormous logo is kinda cute but too flashy and recognizable. Anyways, so after doing my own research, I bought these Vince Camuto "Ellen" ballet flats and I am pleasantly surprised by how it meets all of my requirements. I literally read every review I found online and just like what others said, it's so comfortable it's like wearing house slippers and walking on cloud nine! This is exactly what I wanted. I won't say too much about it because there are so many reviews out there, check out Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Piperlime, Zappos. I got mine from Piperlime since there was 15% off discount when you sign up for their email list. I definitely plan on getting more colors later (I'm a sucker for getting repeat items in different colors if I love them).

I popped in J Crew the other week to check out their additional 30% sales items and walked away with two items: I bought the toothpick ankle jeans in the purple color for $29, and a striped blazer for only $35. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of both items. I'm always like at least a year behind when it comes to jumping on trends such as the colored denim and the nautical stuff.

I'm trying on the toothpick ankle jeans in size 24, but actually bought size 25. Both sizes fit but I'm more comfortable wearing not super duper skinny jeans. I actually also tried on size 26 to compare, but just by looking at the extra fabric in the butt I knew it was too big. I also debated about getting this striped sweater in the white/navy combo (trying on size Medium for the oversized look), but it was still about $45ish so I passed. I've been looking for comfortable oversized sweaters and this is not exactly the long and oversized kind that I want.

This striped dress also caught my eyes but for about $60, I passed.

I found this adorable dress at Anthropologie for only $29, originally priced at $158! I'm a sucker for extreme sales even though I can't see myself wearing this dress too often as it seems too dressy for casual wear, but it looks appropriate to wear in the Fall and/or in the Winter with tights and some jewelry for holiday parties/weddings, and with the price tag, I simply cannot pass up. I enjoy browsing and window shopping at Anthro because of all the unique finds but cannot see myself wearing their stuff too much; however, once in a while it's awesome to actually walk out of there not empty-handed. I apologize for the horrible photo as it does not do this dress any justice at all, the print and material looks/feels gorgeous and expensive in person.


  1. 2nd pic is the best

  2. i like the last dress a lot, looks good on you. -Lisa

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