Monday, March 12, 2012

green day

I never liked wearing green for some reason, and before last year I believe I did not own a single green colored item in my closet. When one of my favorite bloggers, Jean of Extra Petite blogged about this lovely blouse from H&M, I knew I had to have it. However, there's a problem...I've already purchased another one in the same color from Loft. I am trying to refrain from keeping similar items in my closet (which I tend to do a lot...and oh by the way, I also got this blouse in the ivory color). I will definitely get more wear out of this H&M blouse but the question issss....what should I do, keep both or sell/return the Loft blouse? I'm leaning towards the latter, because if you saw one of my earlier pictures you will see that I already own a similar top. Oh the dilemma...

I have yet to wear this outfit, but St. Patrick's Day is coming up and I know I won't be getting pinched this year =)

Top: H&M, $18
Cardigan: J.Crew, $22
Belt: Ann Taylor, $15
Skirt: Urban Outfitters, $25
Heels: Banana Republic, $40

 Top: Loft, $20 in store

BTW, meet my awesome boyfriend/photographer <3

 I'm definitely mean to him when we do photo shoots because we're usually kind of in a rush to get them done. I'm impatient and bad tempered (especially when it's windy and cold outside) and just want to make it quick and get it over with, but he likes to take his sweet @$$ time snapping multiple shots and make sure they turn out dedicated!

Thanks baby!


  1. Green looks great on you!
    Both blouses are so pretty. Even though they are both green the styles are different. I say keep both :)

  2. I really like the Loft shirt on you. It looks very comfy and the color is so pretty. What a very sweet bf you have :). I'm the same way when it comes to taking outfit pictures...impatient. We are usually in a hurry to leave the door or head somewhere.

    Laces and Shades

  3. I love green on you, and I love the first picture of the green blouse with the yellow belt! I love green and yellow together! xo


  4. I like them both I'd say keep em! Id never wear much color myself but I'm trying to branch out as well so I feel you on that :)
    Beauty Flawed

  5. I like both blouses. I say keep them because each blouse is a different style. BTW love your outfit.

  6. I love the green color on you! You look so pretty :)

    And I say keep both! They may be similar colors, but they're completely different sleeve lengths, so you have one for both the hot and cold seasons haha. I'll have to check out LOFT - I've been looking for loose, silky blouses like that.

  7. love love love this green on you. you look stunning. so glad I found your blog. I'm definitely following now. I can't wait to read more. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my blog. It's all about the adventures of a small town girl taking on the LA fashion scene. xo

  8. Thanks so much ladies <333 I really thought majority responses will be to return one of them but I guess now I'm keeping both =)

  9. Hi Tina, thanks for comment. I love your blog so follow you here...

  10. Lovely, I'm a not a green fan either, but it looks so good on you. Hahaha taking my pictures is a pain in the ass too. I can't believe we haven't broken up yet because of that. I'm a total wasp. XD Great blog !


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